Existing Partners

Andisa Agri partnered with SKS since 2014
SAVEact partnered with SKS since 2015
Diakonia Council of Churches partnered with SKS since 2014
The Valley Trust partnered with SKS since 2017


      Andisa Agri      

website - Andisa Agri  

“Andisa” in isiZulu means to grow or increase

Andisa Agri is a business advisory company operating across Africa. Its two Principals and various Associates and Affiliates have executed in excess of 100 assignments covering a wide range of services since its incorporation in 2005.

Our vision is to see –
Sustainable agricultural and agri-business enterprises offering opportunities for all who have a genuine interest, desire and commitment to develop sustainable commercial agri-enterprise so that Countries where we work are able to feed their people, within a vibrant agricultural economy.

Our mission is –
Creating investment opportunities in new and expanding agri-business and agri-industry ventures to:

By partnering with SiyaKhula Sonke we aim to make a contribution to transforming lives and developing entrepreneurs from those whose life story has been a battle against poverty.

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website - SAVEact  

Founded in Pietermaritzburg in 2005, SaveAct facilitates the formation of savings groups in rural communities as a tool to fight poverty, effectively increasing food security, building assets and empowering the community.

SaveAct has over 70,000 individual members in four provinces in South Africa, and it works with a network of committed partner organisations.

Its programme aims to promote financial inclusion by incorporating:

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    Diakonia Council of Churches    

website - Diakonia Council of Churches    

What we do
The core business of the Diakonia Council of Churches (DCofC) is the pursuit of justice: meaning an improved quality of life for the poor, as well as changes in attitudes and structures which perpetuate injustice. This is fundamental to our identity as an organisation.

The churches have a unique contribution to make to the struggle against injustice and poverty. Our core practice of process facilitation enables and equips the churches for the task of making this unique contribution.

Our Vision
A transformed society actively working for social justice.

Our Mission 
In partnership with our member churches and organisations we are inspired by our Christian faith to play a transformative role enabling people to take responsibility for their lives and to promote prophetic action on social justice 

Where we work
We work in the area covered by the eThekwini Municipality centred around Durban, on the coast of the province of KwaZulu-Natal, in South Africa.
This is a place of great contrasts: city centre, suburbs, townships, informal settlements and rural areas; extreme poverty alongside conspicuous wealth; people of every race, language and creed.

While a great deal has been achieved in the two decades of democracy in South Africa, many challenges remain. In spite of the houses built, the water and electricity provided, and the growing black middle class, unemployment, poverty, inequality, environmental degradation, gender-based violence and slow economic growth have made it difficult to make much difference to the situation that existed under apartheid. Illiteracy and insufficient skills development prevent people from finding jobs or starting their own businesses. The HIV and AIDS pandemic are taking a massive toll on our people. These challenges are exacerbated by corruption.

Faced with such a situation, we believe that churches are life-affirming communities, where people are empowered by their faith to overcome the despair around them. Churches have a unique contribution to make to the struggle against injustice. Our task is to facilitate a process in and through the churches for the task of making this unique contribution. For it is clearly not God’s will that we should suffer the injustice that is present in much of the country today.

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    The Valley Trust    

website - The Valley Trust  

The Valley Trust, popularly known as TVT, is a registered non-profit charitable Trust, registered as such under the laws of South Africa and it is based in Durban, South Africa.  It was founded by Dr. Halley Stott and registered as a welfare organisation in 1953. TVT is providing a number of community development interventions which fall under two major programs; Health Communications Program and Valley Youth Opportunity Program in Qadi, Embo, KwaNgcolosi, Molweni, Lower Molweni, Maphephetheni and KwaXimba.

The Valley Trust had 10 savings groups which have been facilitated by SaveAct, but with the reorganisation of SaveAct the field officer serving these could no longer be operational. These 10 groups have been taken over by Siyakhula Sonke Trust.  TVT has in turn, undertaken to provide support and educational training to members of Savings and Credit Groups run by SKS on HIV and AIDS, nutrition and food gardens.

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